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I come from France and i have loved anime series since my chilhood.

Here are some of my cels i have purshased for 5 years now. Moreover, you will see other goodies like original art, autograph, comics stuff, etc.

I collect good looking cels (close up or nice shots) of my favorite anime series such as Jojo's bizarre adventure, Saint Seiya, Guyver, Dragon Ball Z, ...

These cels are not for sale but you can make an offer if you are very interested in one in particular and i might reconsider my opinion if the price is good ^^

I am also looking for Berserk and Hokuto no ken cels. I am ok to trade some of my cels if you have got nice pieces to offer.

If you like my gallery, do not hesitate to rate it or send me a feedback, i will appreciate and will put more stuff.

News & Updates

1/29/2010Take a look at my Michael Turner original comics page and my Street Fighter II phone card signed by Tetsuo Hara (Hokuto no Ken)
12/25/2009It has been a long time since I have not updated my gallery. So big update and many more to come when I will have time
3/10/20083 new items: a Cowboy bebop movie cel (Spike vs Electra), a huge Kakyoin pan cel from Jojo's Bizarre Adventure and Berserk settei!!!
3/1/2008New Golden Boy (Mme President), and 2 new sections Hokuto no Ken and Crying Freeman

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Title Last Updated
Akira (2) 2/24/2007
Berserk (4) 3/10/2008
City Hunter (1) 2/25/2007
Cowboy Bebop (5) 1/29/2010
Crying Freeman (1) 2/16/2008
Dragon Ball Z (4) 12/26/2009
Golden Boy (2) 2/16/2008
Gunnm (1) 5/11/2007
Guyver (4) 9/1/2007
Hokuto no Ken (2) 2/3/2010
Inuyasha (1) 2/3/2010
Jojo's Bizarre Adventure (23) 12/26/2009
Laputa (1) 12/26/2009
Macross Plus (1) 12/25/2009
Mononoke Hime (2) 12/26/2009
Ninja Scroll (1) 12/25/2009
Original comics art (12) 1/31/2012
Original comics signature (9) 9/1/2007
Original comics sketch (13) 9/1/2007
Original manga sketch (3) 5/11/2007
Saint Seiya (1) 2/24/2007
SOLD (4) 3/29/2008
Space adventure Cobra (5) 1/29/2010
Street Fighter II (2) 1/29/2010
Vampire Hunter D (3) 12/25/2009

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